General information

  1. To enter Lebanon, participants should hold a visa, issued at a Lebanese Embassy/Consulate abroad, or obtain a visa at the border/airport from the Directorate General of Security.
  • Participants holding diplomatic or UNLP passports may obtain the visa, free of charge, at the Airport;
  • Participants from many Foreign Countries may obtain the visa at the Airport, at a cost of LBP 50,000 for one month;
  • Participants from Jordan (with a national number on their passports) and the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman) may obtain the visa at the Airport, at NO COST for Three months.
  • Participants from Egypt, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen could either get a visa from a Lebanese embassy/consulate in their country of residence, or obtain a visa at the airport such that they have the following:
  1. Two ways non-refundable ticket;
  2. Hotel reservation;
  3. Holding US$ 2000 cash; and
  4. Invitation letter to the meeting.
  1. For countries that do not have a Lebanese Embassy/Consulate, OGERO may assist in acquiring a visa to Lebanon. Participants coming from Syria, Palestine some and African Countries and who need the assistance of OGERO on the visa, should provide the following THREE (3) weeks before the meeting date, ie by Monday 23 November 2015:
  • Clear COLORED copy of the passport;
  • Palestinian Citizens should also provide an Exit/Entry permission from their country.
  • Send the copies to as attachments in JPEG format, showing the passport number and issue and expiry dates, with validity of at least 6 months from the date of the meeting.
  1. For information on the Lebanese consulates abroad, and further information on entry to Lebanon, please check the Ikama and the General Security Web addresses below:
  1. Kindly note that this information is likely to change at any time, and it is advisable to check for the visa requirements ahead of time.