Abdullah Ahmed

Executive Director, Sparkle Agency
 Civil Society
Also participated in
Short Biography
Since he was young, Ahmed has always had a keen interest in society and humanity. He began to subscribe to the periodicals dealing with current events since junior middle school. Then after graduating from Sana’a University and receiving BBA certificate, he demonstrated high tendency to contribute in civil work, particularly in the period during and following the Yemen peaceful revolution, he was focusing more on the good governance issues of the Yemeni community, and in this context, he took some elective courses in connection to public administration . After participating in many activities related to governance field , he went to study master of public governance in the Arab world at Granada University in Spain, his master research is to investigate the effectiveness of E-Government in curbing the administrative corruption in Yemen. his research result was highly accepted by many high officials in Yemeni government and many Yemeni researchers , Since then, he found his passion on good governance area, and he set his profession goal being a governance adviser in Arab world and contributing to improve the lives of Yemen community which is suffering a lot from the absence of good governance.
Currently, He is running Sparkle Media Agency as well as a consultant for many NGOs in Yemen.