Abdo Yassa Irene

Field coordinator, Development Office Alaeparchi Assiut
 Civil Society
Also participated in
Short Biography
1- Skills :
A -Language:
Arabic : Mother tongue.
English: good. (Spoken and written)

B – Computer skills:
Good skills in using Ms Office and Internet

C- Courses :

• A training course to increase the skills of young people in
community associations belonging to the Egyptian Center
and support Japanese Embassy Degree very good .
• a workshop in "professional development and skills" is supported
by the US Embassy
• Certified debates from British council
• English Course 4 certified levels of the US Institute
• cycle of mass immunization and public health for two years Distinction
• course in the study of violence and in specialized circumcision
and abuses resulting from it by the Council of Development Services
• English accounting cycle supported Assiut University Degree very good
• Get TOT Evangelical Synod of the Nile

D- Current Courses :

- GENERAL diploma at the Assiut University of Education "people Mathematics"

2- Experience
• Experience in NGOs for 4 years
• volunteer in NGO for community service
• Training in Customer Service

3- Personal Skills:
- Work as a team member toward common goals.
- Able to learn new task quickly.
- Able to work well with all levels of management & people.